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  1. easter: two

    Next question. What’s so important about the resurrection? Keeping it short today, the resurrection is a guarantee that the death… worked. Once the debt was paid, there was no longer any reason for Jesus to stay dead. It is finished. Not only that, but Jesus’ resurrection was a guarantee of resurrection and life after death […]

  2. easter: one

    First question. Why did Jesus have to die? We talk about it all the time, and a lot of the time we’re speaking Christianese, using words that we’re so used to that we forget the original meaning. We had a bit of a discussion on Wednesday night, and tried to break it down into simple […]

  3. why isn’t it better?

    Why isn’t it better? Perhaps you don’t know enough Perhaps you don’t care enough, or Perhaps you’re unable to execute because of committees, the status quo and fear These might be three ways to say the same thing. The combination of fear and ignorance (two sides of the same coin) can be paralyzing. From Seth […]

  4. growth

    Very often the only way to get a quality in reality is to start behaving as if you had it already. – C.S. Lewis I am at a point in my life again where I feel like I need to do some growing. Having had a relatively easy term in the last few weeks it’s […]

  5. “the waiting room”

    I keep coming up with names, that end up being better than the actual product/service/thing. And I also have a few ideas in mind that could be turned into reasonable products, but I have neither the time nor initiative to get them started, as most of my energy is devoted to Medicine, Church or SMA. […]

  6. Johari window

    One more thing from Organizational Behaviour before we move on in the blog. The Johari window. It seeks to explain the relative degree of mental instability that we all have. Mental instability has negative connotations, but stay with me, because we’re just using it in the literal sense of the words. It looks at four […]

  7. MARS model of individual behaviour

    Something I dug up from my first year units in 2006… which is a long time ago. I took this unit called Organizational Behaviour for my Management portion of B.Com, and one of the concepts that we learnt about was this: the MARS model of individual behaviour. From what I remember, it was a really […]

  8. spirituality, suffering and healing

    I’m currently taking an option for two weeks called Spirituality, Suffering and Healing. We’ve been spending time with the Palliative care team and getting to know some patients who are facing death, and it’s been a bit of a challenging experience. There’s a lot more that I could say about it, but it would only […]

  9. 35. Explain to someone the principles of photography

    So after revising for myself the basic principles of photography, I related them to a friend of mine, who captured these masterpieces within the hour with her dad’s 60D and 50mm f/1.8.

  10. 34. Learn the principles of photography

    Complete! I actually knew a lot about the basics of photography, but it was really nice to just sit down, and understand how it all works from first principles on a blank piece of A4. This is me talking from my own personal understanding, and it is probably not 100% correct, but it works for […]